MakeUp Essentials

Today I’m going to talk about few of the makeup essentials a girl must have. This post is for those teenagers who just started using make up and don’t know where to start from, I hope it will give you little bit of a guideline. And those girls as well who likes to go for a natural everyday look and don’t like using bold colors (like me) .I made a list of the few make up essentials, so lets get into it:

1. Moisturizer:

It’s important to carry a moisturizer everywhere you go, because in summers the heat takes away all your moisture and during winters your skin might get dry and flakey. So moisturizer is a first-must item to have in your bag.

2. Liquid base:

If you want to go for a very natural look then I recommend only applying moisturizer, but for a more flawless look you must have a liquid foundation that suits your skin tone. I would recommend using BB creams or as I am using Luscious Whitening Base SPF 30, which gives really good result for the day time.

3. Concealer:

It is a color corrector which helps you get rid of any dark circles or blemishes. It also makes your eyes look more awake and bright.

4.Eye liner

When it comes to the eyes, I believe nothing makes your eyes complete more than eye liner. When I was a noob, (…when? Eh. I still am) I used a marker eye liner and it really helped me to get a grip on eye liners. So for the recently-sarted-using-makeupers (it doesn’t even make any sense, heh) go for a marker/pencil eye liner.

5. Mascara:

To make your lashes more long and dramatic, a mascara is a must.

6. Eye pencil

Eye pencil helps define your eyes a little bit more and are not even that noticeable.

7. Blush On

Okay when it comes to cheeks, blush-ons are the saviors. If you don’t feel like putting any makeup and just put a little bit of blush-on over the cheeks that could make you look more innocent. Either you go for a cream/moose blush or a powder one, remember the tip: Do NOT apply too much.

8. Lip balm:

Dry looks do not go with anything, so be sure to have a lip balm and apply it whenever you feel the need to.

If you are I-like-my-lips-nude kind of person then I would recommend only putting lip balm but if you want to add a little bit of color to it (and if you’re not a big fan of lipsticks) I recommend lip-stains and light-colored lip gloss. Lip stains works really well and gives your lips a natural shade.

So these were few of the makeup essentials that in my opinion every girl must have, no matter if you just started using make-up or if you’re a pro, these items are a must. I hope it was helpful, let me know in the comments below what are your makeup essentials.Image [Picture Courtesy: Google]