Perfectly Average

In my first post I talked about talent and how I haven’t found mine yet. I thought in this post I would write about the ‘perfectly average people’ (consider me their ambassador for the time being ^_^) as it relates to all of us (well, most of us. High achievers and perfectly-perfect people shoo away, this is not the place for you *yes, I know you can smell the smoke* -_-

Anyway every night before I go to sleep I just lay on my bed thinking of what my talent could be. And I’m not exaggerating I’m serious. I do that every night but still haven’t found it. Ah, don’t we just all wait for the day when we can finally realize what we were born for?

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you figure out why.”- Mark Twain.

This quote touches my heart and makes me sad at the same point. Because according to this, I’ve got one important day in my life the other is yet to be found *sigh*

Everyone wants to be perfect in this world (Or at least the people I know).

It always hurts me to accept the fact that I am just a perfectly-average person and there is a misconception that those who are perfect are the people who can only be successful. (And become rich, of course.)

I want to be perfect like the people I see, Miley Cyrus, young , perfect and successful. Ali Moeen Nawazish, young, perfect and successful, and many more.

But look at me! I don’t know anything that I am REALLY good at. How can I ever be successful?! *sigh*

I write short stories, but they are average. Not the publishable-material.

I’m average in my studies, I’ve never really got straight As nor have I flunked any class.

Fun Fact: I do know the things I’m terrible at.

1)      Singing. No matter how much I try, I can not sing. My singing is good enough to break all the mirrors. Whenever a new season of American Idol starts, so does my singing fever.

2)      Socializing. I am terrible at meeting new people and making friends. Honestly, I don’t have an ego problem, and I am NOT an introvert but I just suck at being a friendly person. May be I just can’t pull off the smiling face all day long (it hurts my jaws -_- )

May be the things that I haven’t tried in my life so far are the things that I’m good;

-Swimming. Yeah, I know. I can not swim. It’s just that I’m afraid of water (I’m trying to conquer my fear)

-Cooking. I haven’t tried that as well.

(According to my brother, I make ‘the best tea in the world’. But I can’t just open a tea stall after getting my undergraduate degree! Or can I? *moment of thought*)

-Bungee jumping? Okay, forget it.

But I guess the point here is no matter how talent less we feel at times we all are special in our own way. Some people just know what they have to do with their life and some just looks at those who-knows-what-to-do and feels sorry for themselves (Yup you got it right. People like me). But one should never stop looking because you never know how close you might be. I mean what else is the purpose of our life?

(Except for eating, sleeping, partying, complaining and…okay okay I know I should stop.)

Well there are two sides for looking at everything. Either you can get inspired by Homer Simpson or the random-digger-guy. Choice is yours (FYI I heart Homer)

Comment and let me know what your special talents are and if you can relate to this post in any way.

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Just another post

Hello to the people who are reading my very first post. I’ve been reading to other people’s blog for a very long time but I never really thought I would create my own. Not because I never wanted to, but because I thought I was not good enough to write anything. In fact I thought I was one of those people who are not good at anything, but soon I realized there are no such people. Every person has a talent, sometimes it just takes time to discover what that hidden talent it. And you know what the sad part is, I haven’t discovered mine yet. Oh help me God! I’m getting old! A talent less old person! (jk I just entered my twenties ^_^)

I’ve been writing since I don’t remember when but I was never quite comfortable enough to show my short stories, poems and all the random-stuff-I-wrote to any person. Anyway I was just sitting idle and couldn’t think of anything better to do so I thought to myself

‘Hey I should create my own blog’

And Google came to my rescue (as always) I searched how to create a new blog and voila! Here I am! So right now I don’t have much on my mind as I woke up only 2 hours ago ( Fun Fact: I usually need 2-3 hours after waking up to get my mind in to a working condition, so forgive me.)

If you’re reading this, thank you so much for taking some time out and I hope you’ll be coming back again 🙂

Signing off for now

Tc you all